Our Purpose and Mission – about us

We work with change makers seeking to commercialise their social innovation through a fair-profit venture. These leaders might be called social entrepreneurs.  Their ventures and vehicles for change might called social enterprises.  A fair-profit venture will seek to achieve a sustainable equilibrium in how they do business, leveraging multiple profit motives to create social, economic and environmental value, measurable long-term through systemic change.

Our aim is to build social, economic and environmental value with these teams and ventures, in a risk-sharing partnership.  This risk-sharing goes beyond a single focus on creating financial value just for shareholders.  We invest high level resources at the critical early stage to bring enterprises as close to their markets as possible, while working with them to match and raise further finance to deliver impact at scale in those markets.  We help develop commercial strategy, identify and negotiate with potential collaborators and customers. We enable the entrepreneur to produce a robust business model and a compelling narrative for high potential, high ambition, fair-profit ventures to grow.  We are master mentors and super advisers, change programme designers, and sometimes co-founders and investors.

We take leaders seriously earlier than others.

We understand and work in hard places.

We provide long-term, tailored support, accessible just-in-time.

We retain profits and invest these with some of the ventures.  We join the team, and stay with the enterprise through its growth and the change involved.

Through these partnerships, and the impact achieved through scale, we fulfil our mission to demonstrate to others that it is possible to nurture innovation, enable enterprise and pipeline investment in hard places.