#SEINEDU Empowering the next generation to address society’s needs

Seven months ago, we were engaged by the British Council, and worked with Social Impact Consulting to produce a think piece.  This project engaged leaders across education systems in a conversation which asked fundamental questions about what education is for, and what entrepreneurship should be all about.  All this in the context of how, so many more of us, are going to have the skills and capabilities to address society’s needs.


We enjoy working with the British Council.  We have previously produced an influential think piece for them, a vision for social enterprise in 2020 #SOCENT2020 This new piece pushed us out of our comfort zone further and introduced to some amazing thinking.


As part of their Connected Classrooms strategy the British Council offer a range of resources linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Always in partnership with leading practitioners in the field resources are already available for schools interested in bringing social entrepreneurship into the classroom.


The think piece does suggest we can all go much further  – frankly it’s questionable that our education systems are fit for the challenge young people face today and tomorrow, a paradigm shift in the way we will work, engage in society, shape and be shaped by the world around us.

See what you think and share it with @SocEntGlobal and the British Council.

Think Piece Click Here



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