It is about the system stupid

Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist summed up the battle with George Bush in a single sentence, “It’s the economy”.  As if the rest of us were stupid.

In the pursuit of a new economic model, after the failure of the one that has delivered such unequal development in the last century, social enterprises seek to break new ground, as labs and trail blazers, reveal new more sustainable business models, to scale and to become mainstream, and to achieve the change required to balance out those equalities – bringing more outsiders in.  To do this social enterprise fair-profit businesses collaborate with others, to build sustainable systems.

Changing the world is about systems – not so stupid.

Here Farzeen Ferdous Alam, MD of Oggro Ventures, our Joint Venture in Bangladesh, is hosting a delegation from our strategic partner in China, one of the largest agricultural producers.  We have surpassed their production and quality standards in a number of key areas, which is motivation for our partners to work with us while we are so much smaller.  They represent an enormous wealth of knowledge about scaling, which is motivation for us aspiring to be so much bigger.

Having brokered this relationship, we are exploring where to go together and how this influences our investment strategy, how to resource the research and development we have prioritised to scale a commercially viable model, and how to focus on this as motivation to overcome the signifiant short-term challenges we face and are unravelling – being pioneers in hard places.  


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