The British Council is a global leader in education.  The early 1930s was a time of growing instability.  The balance of power in the world was shifting.  Ideologies, some extreme, were competing for influence.  It was in this context the British Council was founded, with its Royal Charter, to provide cultural and language education.  When we look at the world today, perhaps the word we can add to this description of the 1930s is – uncertainty.  Our children face an uncertain future and it falls to them to solve the many complex problems we face.  Are our education systems fit for purpose?


We enjoy working with the British Council.  We have previously produced an influential think piece for them, a vision for social enterprise in 2020 #SOCENT2020 This new piece is about the potential that could unleashed by supporting thousands of young people with an interest in social entrepreneurial approaches, through education systems. The British Council is already very active in this area.


As part of their Connected Classrooms strategy they offer a range of resources linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Always in partnership with leading practitioners in the field resources are already available for schools interested in bringing social entrepreneurship into the classroom.


We think we could go considerably further – frankly it’s questionable that our education systems are fit for the challenge young people face today and tomorrow, a paradigm shift in the way we will work, engage in society, shape and be shaped by the world around us.  Do we need anything less than a generation of change makers to solve the complex problems we face?  How do we achieve this?


Over the next month, we are inviting insights from people interested in this topic, especially social entrepreneurs and education system leaders.  To aid this we have produced two questionnaires, each focused at one of these groups.  They  can be accessed here, with a view to receiving completed forms by 27th February 2017.

Questionnaire for education system leaders

Questionnaire for social entrepreneurs

We are as targeting three international events as early as April 2017, to launch this think piece.  Throughout and beyond we are creating a dialogue on social media using the #SEINEDU hashtag and in collaboration with the British Council through @SocEntGlobal

join in!

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