Richard J Catherall was asked about what it is he enjoys about the work the team is now leading in hard places for Katarsis Ventures.

“We play an influential part in success stories about change.”

What is this role, how would you explain it?

“Well, we take risks with leaders, when the success story is still uncertain.  We invest in and support change makers; the leaders.  We allow ourselves to be inspired.  We listen to their passion.  We buy into their vision.

We mentor and advise their teams.  We focus on the fundamentals that will help them move up their personal and organisational development ladder.  We support them at each deal stage, through each entry and exit with either readiness or execution-based programming.  We do this long-term, so much of what we do is linked to results.

We help to remove uncertainty and share the risks that emerge from doing so.  What we offer is tailored advice and support for people leading change, and the enterprises they are growing.

This is accessible internationally, delivered locally and just-in-time.”

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