#Socent #SouthAsia

South Asia has emerged as an area where we would like our mission to make an impact.  Farzeen Alam is our entrepreneur in residence, and we support his leadership of a portfolio of ventures in Bangladesh.  This includes,

  • Commercialising business models for tissue culture-based seed production (especially potato, medicinal plants and herbs);
  • Diary engineering, starting with quality production, and scaling the science of high productivity animal husbandry into diary product and processing systems; and
  • Designing and developing what Special Purpose Vehicles could look and operate like, to support such ambitious growth in emerging markets.

You can read more about his passion here here.

The first video includes TV footage of our fields in northern Bangladesh.  You are looking at 6,500 tonnes of potential seed, which is virus-free, disease tolerant and potentially very high yield.

The collage provides an overview of our outreach based farmer’s education programming, which we will continue to build and enhance through technology and mapped data streams.

The second video shares footage from our early pilot phase for organic milk production.  We have since prototyped our bond product, which we hope to expand and which will form the basis of our first SPV.  Our plan is to systemise what we have learned and build a dairy farm of 3,000 cattle by 2020.





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