If the world’s a stage; can a country be a lab?

We began collaborating with World Vision International in October 2015; engaging partners in their vision of a unique learning environment.  Using the context of post-crisis Nepal, a unique space for a community of innovative company teams to come together with innovative communities, to cooperate, collaborate and coproduce humanitarian breakthroughs.


The picture here is taken with a phone, while being bounced around the back of a 4×4.  The streets are almost empty, because of fuel shortages.  The earthquake didn’t cut the fuel lines, but it did change the political priorities which in turn led to shortages.  In this example, the situation presented both the immediate need to solve energy shortages before winter, as well as design a long-term solution for this land-locked country, dependent as it is on imports of vital raw materials and yet so naturally endowed with alternative energy sources.

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