Creative adults, are the children who survived.

Vento Di Terra ONG has been working with us since October 2015.  Richard included the team in his March Gaza capacity building trip, and Giacomo spent even longer with the team in May.  We have been working on the marketing strategy for the toy production and education department.  The community is rebuilding itself, literally from the ground up.  It is no surprise that the tangible and less tangible aspects of kindergarten early-years childcare and education are the focus of the team.  NGOs often provide a perfect umbrella to create the conditions for innovation and enterprise.  Developing those enterprises in a market and pipelining further funds or investment, is necessary for the seeds sown to grow to their full potential.

Gaza Fishing

The picture captures a perspective of the night time economy in Gaza city.  Gaza’s fisherman make the maximum of what fishing rights and waters they have which is little – yet this attitude offers the visitor something very rare yet distinctly Mediterranean flavoured.

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